Expressive Technology Studios (ETS)

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The Expressive Technology Studios, at the heart of campus, will transform student learning and spur interdisciplinary imagination and innovation. Learn more


Housed in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), the Center for Expressive Technologies (CET) facilitates and supports interdisciplinary projects focused on the intersection of human expression and technology. CET facilitates project-based collaborations and acts as a hub for applied and sponsored research inside CLA and beyond. The Center contributes technically, creatively and intellectually to a broad range of research and design challenges that involve unique integrations of technology, communication, creativity, and human expression. In addition to creating applications and digital tools that enable new forms of communication, CET conducts and disseminates research on the latest information systems and services, as well as creates opportunities for Cal Poly students and faculty to experiment with new and emerging technologies. The Center's primary goal is to promote student and faculty engagement with advanced technologies. We accomplish this goal through:

1. Engaging faculty in teaching, research, and publication related to technology and society, the creative industries, entertainment technologies, digital culture, augmented reality, immersive environments, visual narrative, sound, and virtual worlds;

2. Engaging students in studying and applying skills associated with new and emerging technologies, digital media, data, and human-machine interactions;

3. Engaging outside partners in industry, government, and the NGO sector to develop purpose-driven collaborative projects and sponsored research.

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