At the Center for Expressive Technologies, faculty, staff, and students develop new ways of integrating technology and human expression.

Expressive Technology Studios (ETS)

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CET Staff

Nicole Rivera

Office: Bldg. 47, Rm. 14

Lead Researchers

David Askay, Comm. Studies
Charmaine Farber, Graphic Comm.

Design Engineer

Sam Omiotek (2017-2018)

Visiting Artists

David Ennio Minor (2016-2018)

David Minor is a classically trained ballet dancer and composer, known for pioneering the musical genre Bohematronic. Minor has released a broad variety of albums and EPs. As a visiting artist at the Center for Expressive Tech, Minor is working on a collaborative project that explores the integration of robotic technologies into ballet. 

Visiting Scholars

Elizabeth Sine (2016-2018)

Elizabeth Sine (PhD, UC San Diego) is a cross-disciplinary scholar who studies creative expression and cultural politics in both the recent past and present. Sine’s current project looks at the recent history of surfing in California. The project will advance our understanding of surfing as a convergence of bodies, oceans, values, and technologies. As a visiting scholar at the Center for Expressive Tech, Sine is conducting archive-based research, interviews, and document analysis using a range of primary and secondary source material. Sine is also working with a number of Cal Poly students and faculty interested in the aesthetic economy of surfing and the near futures of surfing in a world increasingly populated by diverse forms of wearable, immersive, and sensor-driven computing. Sine’s new work builds on her forthcoming book with Duke University Press, The Poetry of Rebellion: Radical Imaginations in Great Depression-Era California.

Mailing Address

Center for Expressive Technologies
California Polytechnic State University
1 Grand Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

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